Morphine EP

Coming August 2014
“Undoubtedly the strongest debut effort I’ve come across in many years. Take steps to check this one out, it’s most definitely worth your while. ” -KEVIN SELLERS, MUSIC EMISSIONS
"This is not the psychedelic band that your parents encountered at Woodstock in the 60's. The Oxford Coma is a rock'n roll beast waiting to consume the unsuspecting ears of any virgin listener to grunge music." -SENSEITIONAL, IAMENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE
"...something of a composite of Tool, Primus, Nirvana, System of a Down, The Mars Volta, Muse, and Incubus. The description seems accurate in select places — not overall — and doesn't give the band enough credit for its singular creation." -GLENN BURNSILVER, PHOENIX NEWTIMES
"If ever there was a break out band in the making, it's The Oxford Coma." -GLENN BURNSILVER, PHOENIX NEWTIMES
"Citing bands like Tool, Nirvana, Primus, and The Mars Volta as influences, The Oxford Coma’s music can only be summed up in one word; Awesome." -MELLINA DELLAMARGIO, VALLEYHYPE MAGAZINE
“Their debut album is a strange crossroads where Tool and Helmet meet to have coffee with Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to plan an evening with Queens of the Stone Age, Incubus and The Mars Volta. Keep that in mind, now remember it’s a power trio.” -MITCHELL HILLMAN, JAVA MAGAZINE
"...I really do think this album is a huge dose of what rock has been lacking songwriting, skillful musicianship and memorable hooks. It all sounds so much like so much of what I loved growing up, and that's the greatest praise I can give it. Rating: 9/10" -SOLITARYMAN, MUSICEMMISIONS.COM
"...there are bands so creative and musically honest, like Phoenix-bred The Oxford Coma, where it is simply better to allow the music to speak for itself. I could ramble for the next page and a half describing all of the subtleties and frenetic emotional shifts the band traverses during the mere three songs on its latest EP INFRASTATIC, but any effort to use adjective-laden words will simply fall short of the wicked joy extracted from a full-attention listening experience." -MARK_MORTON, MUSICEMISSIONS.COM
  • Adonis
  • Lictosy
  • Seven
  • Peregrine
  • Last To Die
  • BBS
  • Mime
  • Pirate Song

The Oxford Coma

Intergalactic Orwellian Garbage Barge Music

Thank you for stopping by.  This is the main hub for news, tour info, and merchandise for The Oxford Coma.  Who the hell are they you ask?  Fine question indeed.  If you’re into Tool, Neurosis, NIN, Primus, and Nirvana you’ll probably like The Oxford Coma.  The music is more or less psychedelic groove-based sludge rock.  They like to get covered in mud.  They like to use projection art to make their performances sweet to look at.

Stream their critically acclaimed first record ‘Adonis’ using the player above or purchase here!

They will be releasing an EP entitled ‘Morphine’ in August of 2014.  You can catch them on tour this summer in the following locations:

SHUT UP AND GET IN THE VAN The Oxford Coma Tour 2014:

6/24 Tempe, AZ  @ Yucca Tap Room

6/27 Denver, CO @ Stardust Lounge

6/29 Kansas City, KS @ John Barleycorn’s

6/30 Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck

7/1 Des Moines, IA @ Hull Avenue Tavern

7/3 Minneapolis, MN @ Kitty Cat Club

7/4 Minneapolis, MN @ Nomad World Pub

7/5 Cassville, IA @The Silver Spigot

7/6 Milwaukee, WI @ Frank’s Power Plant

7/7 Chicago, IL @ Fearless Radio Studios

7/8 Chicago, IL @ Martyr’s Live

7/9 St. Louis, MO @ Foam

7/10 St. Joseph, MO @ CafeAcoustic

7/11 Hot Springs, AK @ Maxine’s Live

7/13 Amarillo, TX @ The 806

7/14 Taos, NM @ Taos Mesa Brewing

7/16 Sierra Vista, AZ @ The Void

7/17 Tucson, AZ @ TBA

7/18 Phoenix, AZ @ Last Exit Live


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